REVIEW: Sie7e, Ymedioteatro

Tha Spanish theater Ymedioteatro performs in a 7 square meters wagon at Lille Torv in Aarhus during the ILT13 festival. How can one white plastic bag have so many thoughts? So many feelings?

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We are standing in front of the little black theater on wheels. Suddenly a Spanish head pops out of the ticket hatch. “Lovely weather,” he says, and gives each of us a red token. A few seconds later, 15 people are walking up the 1,5 meters red carpet, giving the token to the señorita at the entrance. And now the theater is full. We’re stepping into an odd fantasy world. Objects are getting alive in this wagon.

Photo: Hanne Nielsen
Photo: Hanne Nielsen

The three puppeteers presents great skills in this performance. Within a few moments we feel we already know this … entity. He is dancing, hovering, and joking. He is one of those white plastic bags that is a funny friend in the beginning, but after some time of friendship he is becoming quite annoying. That’s the kind of plastic bag he is.

The other bunch of objects turns into a lady, and she finds new shoes that makes her able to dance again. These two stories are funny and exciting performances for both children and grown ups. They contain many different feelings in a very short time.

Photo: Luis Antonio Barajas
Photo: Luis Antonio Barajas

The stories however are a bit trivial. But why not use what we have known for several hundred years that’s working? It would have been interesting anyway to see a puppet performance in this quality that also tries to set the agenda for international theater. Ymedioteatro has the potential to do so.

Concept and direction: ymedioteatro | Actors/puppeteers: Álex Ramos, Meri Fernández, and Santos Sánchez | Scenery design: ymedioteatro | Graphic design: Olaavi Naamio

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