World premiere: The Prince of Egypt is now a musical

The Prince of Egypt released in Fredericia

The musical version of DreamWorks’ movie “The Prince of Egypt” from 1998 had its world premiere at Fredericia Teater in Denmark last night.

The press, the international production team, employees of Universal Pictures and DreamWorks Animation, as well as interested buyers from all over the world, showed up in Fredericia. On 6th of April 2018 at 19:30 Danish local time, “The Prince of Egypt” was for the first time ever shown as a musical.

For that reason, the musical world premiere is produced in English. The musical will be re-premiered in a Danish-language version on 17th of April 2018, after which the editions in both languages ​​will play at Fredericia Teater.

Diluckshan Jeyaratnam and Jason Gotay

In the role of Moses, we see the Danish performer Diluckshan Jeyaratnam. Together with him in the role of Ramses, American actor Jason Gotay plays in the English-language version of the musical.

The main feature of the production is the interaction of these two actors. Their remarkable voices individually become exceptional when they combine in the beautiful duets between Moses and Ramses.

The Prince of Egypt - Fredericia Teater
Jason Gotay, Diluckshan Jeyaratnam, and Nadia Abraham
Foto: Søren Malmose

After the world premiere, where the musical is performed in both Danish and English, Lars Mølsted will take on the role of Ramses. He has already received a great deal of recognition for his succesful performance with the lead role in “Klokkeren fra Nortre Dame” (“The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, Fredericia Theater, 2016).

After the Danish premiere there will be a Danish-language review of the musical in both versions at

The Prince of Egypt - Fredericia Teater
Diluckshan Jeyaratnam
Foto: Søren Malmose
The Prince of Egypt - Fredericia Teater
Jason Gotay
Foto: Søren Malmose

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